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Christianity Explored at St Paul's
Where can i find out more?
The Christianity Explored website has lots of information and videos about the course.

When is the next course?
The next course will start on:
Thursday evenings, beginning on April 28th 2016, at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.

Wednesday afternoons, beginning on April 27th 2016, at 2pm at 138 Alfreton Road.  

If you would like to do the course in your home or with a few other people, we can arrange to do that at a suitable time. Please contact David Barnsley more more details.

Where will it be held?
The course will be held in the Church Hall, on Vicarage Lane, in Little Eaton. Directions can be found here.

St Paul's Church Hall

What do Christians believe? Who is Jesus Christ? Did he really exist? Is he really God? If he did exist and he is God, what did he say while he was here on earth? Does he really tell us what the point of life is?

At St Paul's we want to give people an opportunity to hear the message of Christianity explained, to ask questions and to think through the big issues of life. Christianity Explored is a seven week course that aims to achieve all of these things in a relaxed setting and is open to all – whether you’d call yourself a ‘beginner’ with very little knowledge of Christianity or whether you’re a believer who’d like to brush up on the basics.

The course runs regularly, usually in the evening.  There’s no commitment to attend every week, although you’ll find it most help if you do. There’s no pressure, praying or singing, and no previous knowledge of the Bible or Christianity is assumed.

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